Wednesday, April 25, 2012

inspire my muse

Readers, writers, friends...I post today to ask your help. The roller coaster of emotions that is rewriting has me struggling. I think it's natural to believe I'll make it as an author, that I'll be published one day. I also think it's natural in the next breath to question my ability. Rewrites have me bouncing back and forth on these lines quite frequently. So, I'm looking to boost myself more firmly into the I-can-do-this camp.

I have referred to the works of authors who I respect and admire, who have become my heroes and mentors. I have looked back at my own work to encourage myself. I have visited author and editor blogs. I have looked for inspirational quotes on writing.

Some of the advice I go back and read?

I love this reminder. Sometimes I am too independent and I have to remind myself that it's okay to ask for help, to allow others to help me work through things. I have the same problem in life. On any given day you can find me carrying a diaper bag and my purse (think Mary Poppins size) with the 2 year old on my hip, attempting to hold the door open for the 6 year old and whoever is directly behind her. Why? Why not let them get the door for me? I have no answer other than I have had no one to rely on in so long that I have gotten used to doing it all alone. Unfortunately, this is not good for writing. I see the story unfold in movie scenes in my head, but that's not good enough. I need my reader to be able to form those scenes from my words. This is where it helps to have others read and help. 

Okay, so worrying is good. I should worry. I'm okay with worrying, I just want to worry productively.

Rachel...nail on the head. Someone help pull me out of stage 4? I think I skipped a couple stages and went straight for this one.

All of my attempts at motivating myself have helped in some way, but I wonder if you all can help as well. Any advice? Words of encouragement? Muses for sale?

Writers: What helps you when you get stuck or start questioning your ability? (That is, assuming I'm not an anomaly and that many of you also question).

Readers: What is it that you love about fiction? What determines a good book in your eye from a DNF (did not finish)? What's your favorite opening line?

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