Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombie Guest Post

ZOMBIES  are coming....
............the Zombie Apocalypse will happen. 
Whose side will you be on?

I often feel that we zombies are...misunderstood. I mean, really, there's so much out there about zombies that it must be difficult for you to wade through the crap to find the reality. There's Night of the Living Dead, Jodi Redford's That Voodoo You Do and now there's even The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, the more you people write about us...the more you get things wrong. Here's a small sample of information, just to tempt you over to Starting the Next Chapter

On Monday October 30th, there will be a poll in which you wonderful people will decide who is the badest of them all--ahem, zombies. There will be guest posts all week on all sorts of creepy, night creatures: ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires, werewolves and demons! Stop over, read the posts and vote your little zombie loving heart out. On the 31st Marla will announce the winning creeper (psst...I'm sure that will be me, right?). There will also be a GIVEAWAY.

For more information on Zombies, please stop by Starting The Next Chapter to view my guest post. It is epically awesome. 
Special thanks to Kelly, aka @soulswallo for her dedication, creativity and pure awesomeness in creating the poster for my campaign. She is totes made of awesome.  



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