Sunday, October 9, 2011

Limelight Reviews #2

Welcome book bloggers, to the Limelight Reviews meme! Limelight Reviews was created in response to a shared desire to garner meaningful comments on the reviews we spend hours sweating over, getting it just right. And then...[crickets]. Enter Limelight Review meme. This is where you all clap widely. Geez. Do I need cue cards?

The meme will go live every Sunday. That gives you all an entire week to pop over to five blogs, read their reviews and leave your comments. Bloggers please be aware that not everyone has read the book you reviewed--if you have spoilers, please tell us!

So, how do you play?
  1. You are not required to follow anyone -- including me, however, if you like the content of another blog, this is a great way to build meaningful connections.
  2. Use the Mr. Linky below to enter your review information and link. Please only enter 1 review per week. I realize some of you post multiple reviews per week (or day), but for this review, please limit to one entry per week. You need to post the link for the actual review not just your blog address, so people don't have to search for the review.
  3. Choose 5 reviews from the list to visit, read the spotlighted review and leave meaningful comments--the types of comments you want left on your blog.
Note: You do NOT need to hop back to blogs that comment on your review. You may if you desire. 

To help us all gravitate towards book reviews that we'd find interesting, please list your information in the following format in the [Your Name] section of the Linky:

Book title, author (genre) -- Your Name

The Seven Year Witch, Jodi Redford (PNR) -- Kyla Holt


  1. Sorry about the hop, but I did "The Arrival" review for another review site. Since the review technically belongs to them, I could only link the review on my blog. But ... this story is a little difficult to get into and the editing is crap. My understanding is that it is going through revisions. One can only hope because it has potential. Unfortunate that it was published in this condition. Read the review. If you can make it through the book despite the flaws, I am super curious to hear what others think about it.

  2. Excellent another limelight review - I really enjoyed the comments and discussion generated in the last one.

  3. So, Kyla, how come you haven't submitted a review yet?

  4. I don't write enough reviews to submit each time. I have less than 10 reviews total on my blog. Sadly, life is taking priority! I'll submit again when I finish Maximum Witch! Woot!

  5. HI Kyla,

    I haven't done many reviews either, but I always love helping other reviewers/bloggers find books which would be interesting to them. I'm happy to be able to join the Meme.


  6. Here's what I decide to do my lovelies. Since I, myself, do not do many reviews at the moment (life)...I am going to pick a review of someone else's to highlight. I'll get permission from that person and then I will do their 5 review comments. So, when you get comments from's in place of Kelly at Reading the Paranormal because that is the review I picked this week.

    Now, if I pick one of my lovely participants, then you would have the option to bow out of commenting that week or you could have two reviews spotlighted!

    Yeah! So much fun.



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