Saturday, February 4, 2012

kyla says goodbye to book blogging

When I started this blog, I had been reading 3-4 books a week, killing my TBR pile. Unfortunately, life changes and career choices haven't afforded me the time and dedication it takes to really maintain a book blog. However, having this blog, being on twitter and maintaining relationships with my followers on both has given me priceless experiences that are helping me to move forward with my new path.

The blog will focus more on my writing and, possibly, some editing as I hope to do some freelance editing in the very near future. You have all been extremely supportive, and it is because of you that I have the balls (brass balls, like on Police Academy) to attempt this next stage.

So, bye bye Kyla Novelista, hello unbind with words. The blog will be in transition mode as I work out the kinks, but I hope not to disrupt much in the process.

Million thanks to all.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck in figuring yourself out. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your changing.



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