Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

There are two very simple rules that accompany this award:

1.  Share "7" facts about yourself and...
2.  Pass this award on to "15" other deserving blog owners

So, I am especially honored that Bea (Bea's Book Nook) selected my blog for this award, although I'm convinced it has more to do with the Zombie Apocalypse than with me or my blog! But, hey, everyone will need an ally when the time comes. 

Which leads me to my 7 facts about me...
1) At least twice each week I spend about 2 hours preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. No really, I am learning Krav Maga. Currently a level 2, so hopefully the zombies hold off until I'm a black belt. 

2) I frequently wear mix-matched shoes. I have two identical pairs of flip flops (Old Navy) except for color. I wear one black and one orange one together. It's fun and makes people pause and ask questions like, "Are you aware your shoes don't match." 

3) My favorite past time is quoting movies and shows. I have a unique ability to watch a show/movie one time and quote the damn thing. So I do. One of my favorites is "It's my industrial strength hairdryer and I *can't* live without it!" (Guess that movie)

4) I was afraid of Twitter. Don't judge; it's a scary, scary world. Got over it, you can follow me now.

5) I refused, for a very, very long time to read ANY fantasy/paranormal genre books. Again, I got over it. Now I hardly read anything else.

6) I look nothing like my avatar. But I drew it. I love goth.

7) My daughters names are Anastyn and Rylynn (made them up--the names, not the kids--love them, don't steal them -- I'll send zombies after you)

Now...passing along the love (Bea implied that if I don't, I might spark the zombie apocalypse so--just in case *sigh*). But as a single working mother of 2...I don't have as much time to spend on blogs as I'd like. Which makes choosing extremely difficult. Especially given that I'm limited by 1) those who've already received the award (ahem, Bea) and 2) those who don't participate. I'm normally a non-participator, however, I'm doing what I can to prevent the zombies from being released. That said, #s 1-3 are awarded because they ROCK so hard. #4 because this doesn't say BOOKblog and I loved the post I read over there Written Sin #7. The rest, I judged on the look of the blog, since I fail at content right now (and while I'm at it, I'll explain that as I type this I am laying on my floor, belly down and have both a 5 and 1 year old jumping on my back. Oh the joys.)

3. Soulswallo (Kelly)
6.The Little Book Blog
7. Scorching Book Reviews
8. Literary Cravings
9. Rosey's Reviews
10. Urban Girl Reader 

(sorry folks...that's all I got right now. Maybe you all can do better!)



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