Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Woah--Jodi Redford in my mailbox?

Have you prepared yourself? Are you ready to be jealous? No? Take a moment then.
There, you are looking much greener.

Why, you ask, are you being jealous. Well, I waltzed to my mailbox yesterday expecting bills upon bills to be weighing it down.

But I got ZERO bills. Seriously. It was like a miracle. 

Then, to top it off, I got these fabulous prizes:

What you see here are cover flats and other swag for Jodi Reford's That Old Black Magic series. Haven't read them? Like paranormal? Romance? Hot shifter boys? Then I seriously recommend this series--although be prepared to steam up the windows because Jodi's books bring the smexy scenes! You can check out my reviews of That Voodoo You Do, book 1 and The Seven Year Witch, book 2 for a preview into the salaciously twisted world. Maximum Witch, book 3, releases September 27th. I am currently reading this--nope, not sharing yet, stay tuned. I will post a review as soon as I finish.

 That's not all, though...take a look at some close-ups. How frakin' cute are these!

Then, fellow book bloggers allow me to dorkify myself just a bit more. You see, I have never been to a book signing before--for some strange reason, my favorite authors are steering clear of the Buckeye state. So I have never met my favorite authors. I have never handed them my copy of their book or poster or hiked up my shirt sleeve for that wondrous memento that you can hold on to for years to come. Yes, you were jealous of me earlier...now you pity me. Well, I do plan to change my signinglessness existance next year at Authors After Dark (hope to see you there!). However, in the meantime, the author of some of my favorite books--and who happens to live so close I could direct zombies to her house (not that I ever would)--provided me with the following priceless gift in my mailbox:


Now, that my friends, is beyond happiness. So, in honor of Jodi and her awesomeness, I am hosting a giveaway--I'm wonderful, I know. Thank you.

Now, what do I plan to give you? I am giving away an eBook copy of That Voodoo You Do and The Seven Year Witch. These will be purchased through Amazon Kindle and, therefore, the giveaway is international. You do not need a Kindle, as you can download apps to your computer and/or smart phone and read the books on that.

What do you need to do? 
1. Well, if you're not sure yet if you're interested, I would first head over to my reviews and take a look (comments are not necessary to enter, but are appreciated).
2. Follow my twitter stream (don't need to be a follower, just watch my tweets for my announcement, which will come later today---after I've kicked ass in Krav class).
3. Once you see my Tweet about the giveaway--follow the instructions.

Simple. Fun. Great books! Tuesdays just don't get much better than this!

Happy Tuesday y'all

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  1. Whoa! I am super jealous. Lucky Girl.

    You definitely should get to a books signing some time. When the author takes the time to chat, it's wonderful.



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