Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank really, thank you

It's tradition today, in many families, to say what one is thankful for. As I have no family with which to share today (no one panic, they're alive and well, just not with me), I wanted to share my thanks with my favorite peeps, my tweeple, my favorite authors, my fellow bloggers, my book-loving friends, all of you.

I am thankful for my Zombinas. Which, I guess means I'm thankful for *cough cough* my ex *cough cough*. sorry, couldn't help that...something in my throat. *snicker* I love my family. Every last crazy one of them.

I am thankful for my twitter peeps. Oh, dear goddess am I thankful for you. Like, woah. I have met authors and editors who have helped me solidify my desire to write and edit. I have developed relationships with these people via twitter...relationships that I hold very dearly. Those of you I talked to daily, know who you are. Amanda, Kelly, Jessi, Jeff, Kendra, Shirley, Isalys, Marla, Janice...Oh, so many tweeps that I've come to treasure. Thank you for your friendship, for your amazing snarky selves and for your ability to rock my socks.

Angela AddamsJodi Redfordnancyhaddock

@AngelaAddams and @JodiRedford are among two very treasured author tweeps. They are such wonderfully twisted individuals that I cannot possibly imagine how I could ever been innocent again...wait, I mean...I wasn't really innocent before. *g* Jodi and @NancyHaddock have been incredible, encouraging me to write and submit my work.So, on top of writing some of my favorite books and being some of my favorite tweeps...they are the voices I hear when I contemplate my future.

And, my two favorite editors, @angelajames and @sknighteditor whose love of their job continues to inspire me to tackle editing, steering my life towards my passion. Thank you for your tweets, your classes, your tips, your talent.

Louise vincent maloyI have also found friendships that have spilled beyond the boundaries of Twitter: @MonsterMaX3 and @Zombiegeekboy are two such individuals. I don't know that I could accurately describe the depth of my thanks for these two. I won't even try. I just want to say that I am thankful that I stumbled upon the two of you, and let you both know how much of an impact you've had on me in the short time I've known you.

All right..evidently I'm getting all sappy. *wipes tears* Whatevs, don't judge. I've also written a blurb for Amanda at On a Book Bender for her Thankful Thursday post. I'd love it if you took time to check it out!

What are you thankful for? Twitter? Facebook? Collapsible stripper poles? Shemar Moore? Oh...what? Yeah, I think we're *all* thankful for him.

I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line here or on Twitter @kyla_holt 


  1. lol...well, thank you...that's sweet...I should have seen this one coming though...since we share a brain and all ;-)

    I'm very thankful for Peppermint Oreos...oh..and cool chicks like you ;-)

  2. *tackles Kyla* You're the best, Zombabe! It has been a blast getting to know you these past few months and I am so happy to count you among my blogging friends.

  3. Aw, I'm so thankful for you too, my little Zombie Smuthound. *sniffles and squeezy hugs you tight*

  4. Yeah, what Amanda said - *huggles all around* ;)

  5. Awwww, you are lovely <3.

    I'm very thankful for you, and for Parajunkee (I found you on one of her book blogger chats). *happy sigh* I love all of my bloggy/Twitter friends.



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