Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tweets Out Of Context

 I was going to do another Tweets of Wisdom....but it seems my Tweeple have become less wisdomous over the last month or so. However, they have gotten a little less precise with their tweeting. And, for those of you who are among those listed below, I thank you for overlooking the connotation of your tweets.

While I appreciate everyone who hops over to my blog, I must insist that you present your Gutter Pass before continuing to read this post. If you do not have a Gutter Pass, you should probably not be here. Gutter Passes are not handed out to just anyone, you must be a special person to use it effectively. Not responsible for the corruption of any innocent-minded readers. Continue at your own risk.

Please enjoy the following responsibly.



  1. LOL I saw some of those when they were first tweeted. They're still funny. I see only made the list one time, not sure if that's good or bad. :P

  2. I love it! You have to do this again lol.

  3. ROTFLMAO- I made your list...twice. I'm not quite sure what that says about me. But these were priceless and yes, you have to do this again!

  4. Hey! I see myself!

    For the next tweets out of context, might I suggest:!/soulswallo/status/129785049116708864

  5. These tweets are truly what makes my twitter stream interesting.

  6. @Amanda @ On a Book Bender Absolutely! Any #TweetsOutOfContext @ me the locale of the tweet or just RT with me in it! Share the joys.


  7. Weee! You caught some of my rare moments of #GutterPass brilliance! Whoot! Yes, I hashtagged the blog. If you can hashtag my e-mail, well, then ...

  8. Oh lawdy, that was HYSTERICAL!!!
    PS: I'll be proudly sporting my #GutterPass button on my personal blog :D



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